Empowering culture, community, and conservation
PODER is an organization that supports the East Austin, Texas community, environment, and its impact on people of color and low income families. Their goal is to build a better cultural environment and education in an era of progressiveness and cultural awakening.

Jennifer Ann Garza: Stationery, Illustration, Website, T-shirt 
Gabriel Salas: Booklet, Website, Logo, Research
Neftaly Torres: Icons, Posters, Website, Tagline
Their current website and branding is disconnected, giving no clear indication of their mission, ideals, and program structure.
We organized their programs into four categories: Land Use & Community, Healthy Community Project, Young Scholars for Justice, and The Climate Justice Initiative. This structure allows us to assign a color and icon for each program, making it easy to identify the programs within images, calendar events, and literature.
Poster Series
These posters describe each organization, using the corresponding color and icon to create a distinct look for each, while remaining within one visual system.
This is a way for PODER to keep the community informed about current program services and information, while featuring art from the youth in the community. 
The Website
The website redesign distributes the program information in a way that is easier to understand, using the color and icon system, visually tying back to the other brand touchpoints. 
Branded freebies

Other Projects

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