Raw Pet Food as Nature Intended
Sojos is an all-natural raw pet food brand that uses a freeze-dried technique, and no preservatives to offer a healthy and natural alternative to dry kibble. 

Daphne Chang: Packaging Design
Bryan House: Website, Mobile Site 
Edith Bustos: Social Media Posts, Stories
Neftaly Torres: Poster Ads, Logos, Mock-ups, Packaging
The current branding, website, and social media are disconnected, with no clear brand identity or brand voice. 
Since Sojos is an all-natural brand, we wanted to make their branding match those ideals. With this in mind, we designed the packaging to be recyclable and used patterns/colors that relate to nature.
Travel Packaging
The travel packaging features a tube design that doubles as a bowl. The lid is equal to 2 cups measuring capacity and can be used to measure both Sojos food and water so you can feed your pet on the go! 
Pop-up Shop
Sojos’ Pop-Up Shop is a promotional event that makes Sojos more accessible to smaller cities and creates an interactive experience for both pets and their owners, offering samples, branded merch, and Sojos Complete Travel food to enjoy at home!
Social Media
Our goal is to connect with users and form a community of pet owners. To not only showcase our products but to offer real stories, tips and tricks, education, and DIY recipes.
Sponsored Posts
Paid ads would help promote Sojos' products and events like the Sojos pop-up shop.

Other Projects

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