An Interactive Radio Experience
UNVRS is comprised of local, global, and genre-specific channels where listeners control the music played by requesting songs and boosting other users' requests. 

Current online radios and streaming services are inflexible, giving little to no control to listeners and neglecting smaller artists.
This format makes listening to music more interactive, while giving up-and-coming artists the opportunity to share their music with a larger audience.
The Trademark
The brand mark is a combination of the rock n' roll hand gesture and an equalizer
Logging In
The UNVRS app is designed to be vibrant yet simple, using familiar login patterns to make the process straightforward and efficient.
The Home Page
The home page displays top requests for the local UNVRS stations and allows the user to switch between regions, control the music, make a request, and boost other requests. 
Personalized Listening
The second icon on the dock leads to the Discover Page, which displays auto-generated suggestions based on the user's saved music. The third button on the dock is for saved stations and songs. 
Profile pages are designed to give a sense of the user's music taste by showcasing their current favorite artist, favorite song, and recently saved music. 
Make the music your own
Album artwork is cross-faded with the user's profile picture, allowing for unique interactions with the cover art.
Interactive Website Mockup
Feel free to explore this interactive mockup of the UNVRS website.
Process Work
Promotional Video Samples

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